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  1. To conduct Skill up gradation training and Product Development programmes and Exposure visits in coordination with ITDA, SIDAC, Mission Shakti,, D.H&CI for development of skills of the rural artisans in different trades under Palmgur Industry.
  2. To manufacturing of Palmgur under a common roof for maintain its quality for which a proposal for provide funds of Rs. 5.76 lakh has been submitted to the Dist. Collector, Gajapati for provide a transport vehicle and containers for CFC at Luburisingh.
  3. To renovate the Dist. Talgur office located at Chheligad, Gajapati for which a proposal of Rs. 0.50 lakh has been submitted to the Dist. Collector Gajapati to provide funds as per the plan and estimate prepared by the J.E., R.Udayaigiri. Block.
  4. To collect raw Neera from the rural village points for manufacturing of Gur in the CFC with a reliable price to avoid production and drink habit of TODDY by the tribal.
  5. Proposed to organise a workshop com seminar and a mini exhibiton of Palmgur industry on 23rd Decemnber-2012at Bhubaneswar in central level on the eve of National Palmgur Day.
  6. Proposed to start production  under SFURTI Programme of KVIC under Palmgur Industry.
  7. Steps have been taken for Contact to different stake holders for export of palm leaf articles produced by the women artisans as well as SHGs developed under Cluster Development Programme.
  8. Steps has been taken on procurement of orders for supply of huge conservancy articles to the Urban Local Bodies for development of trading activities for the substantiality income of the Federation.
  9. To Renovation of Palm complexes and show rooms for enhancement of production and sales activities for strengthening the marketing net wok of the Organisation.
  10. To Revive the activities of the primary Palmgur cooperatives and provide financial assistance through Banks for enhancement of employment generation to the rural youths under Palmgur industry. To provide assistance to the working primaries steps already been taken for negotiation with NCDC under different schemes.



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